Speedy Bee Bluetooth-USB Adapter


Speedy Bee Bluetooth-USB Adapter is an unique device that allows you to configure and tune your BetaFlight settings right from your phone via the SpeedyBee app which means no more lugging a laptop to the flying field!  Specifications :  Model Speedy Bee Bluetooth-USB Adapter Output power 0 dBm Receiver sensitivity -94 dBm Transmission rate Bidirectional 2K/s Bluetooth protocol Bluetooth specificiation V4.0...

Micro FPV Camera Adapter (KATAK STRETCH - SE & TRP V2)


Shed up to 10g by using these adapters to mount a micro FPV camera on your KATAK Stretch SE or the TRP V2 frames. Easy to mount and designed to allow multiple camera height to suit your preference with no additional screws or nuts required. Specifications: Material TPU Colour Orange, Purple, Red Camera angle 80 degrees Weight 1.8g each pair   ...

Universal Micro FPV Camera Adapter


These adapters enables you to mount of a 19mm wide micro sized camera  on any standard 28mm wide frame, saving as much as 10grams. Use the standard screws that came with your micro camera to mount the adapters to your camera and the included countersunk screw and nut to connect to your frame. Specifications: Material TPU Colour Red Weight 2g...

Micro Cameras Adapter with Protection Cage TPU (KATAK STRETCH - SE & TRP V2)


  Designed  specifically for mounting the light weight Runcam Micro series of FPV camera on the Katak Stretch SE and TRP V2 frame. This FPV camera adapter also provides protection against those camera smashing frontal crashes. 3D printed from TPU for increased durability and in attractive colours. Fit both KATAK Stretch SE as well as the TRP V2. Comes in two...

FPV Camera TPU Protection Cage V2 (KATAK STRETCH - SE & TRP V2)


  New improved, completely re-designed as a 2 pieces component for increased durability and lower replacement cost. This FPV camera cage provides protection against those camera smashing frontal crashes. 3D printed from TPU for increased durability and in attractive colours. Fit both KATAK Stretch SE as well as the TRP V2 and will fit camera’s with Gopro style lens.  Specifications:...

SMA/ RP-SMA Adapter for Antenna


Specifications: Connector Type 1 & 2 : SMA Male to SMA Female Type 3 : SMA Male to RP-SMA Female Angle Type 1 : 90 degrees Type 2 : 45 degrees Type 3 : 90 degrees Material Brass        

SMA/ RP-SMA Adapter- Extension cable


Specifications: Connector SMA Male to SMA Female, RP-SMA Male to RP-SMA Female Angle Straight Cable Coaxial  

Extension Cable - SMA Female to uFL IPEX

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  Specifications: Connector SMA Female to uFL  IPEX  Cable Straight    

RPSMA Male to SMA Female Extension/ Adapter cable


  Specifications: Connector RPSMA Male to SMA Female  Cable Straight    

RGB 10 LED 3535 Multi-Colors Race Wire for 4 in 1 ESCs - 4pcs


  iFlight's latest race wire for use with 4in1 ESCs motor connection can now be configured via the FC's firmware configuration, allowing multi-colored LED and scheme. Using race wires with 4in1 ESCs reduces the risk of cutting motor wires from prop strikes. It is also great for mounting underarm for lighting up your quad.  Specifications: Current capacity 40amps No. of...

Super Micro LC Filter for FPV Video (2 packs)


  Connected between power source (FC, PDB, BEC etc) and FPV components (VTx and FPV camera), LC filters can help to "clean up" dirty DC output jitters that causes lines in wireless video feed. This LC filter uses large value inductor and capacitor components for better filtering.  Specifications: Max current 1A Max input voltage 4S Voltage 16V Size 10mm x...

SANYO Electrolytic Capacitor Low ESR for Power Supply (pack of 2)


Available in 2 voltages - 25V and 35V Recommend for use on quads that experience issues caused by electrical “noise” in the system or FCs with sensitive gyros - lines in the FPV feed when increasing throttle, vibrations/oscillations that cannot be tuned out, motor glitches etc. Specifications: Rated voltage 35V (ideal for 4S LiPo, max 5S) 25V (ideal for 3S LiPo,...

XT60H Battery Connector Kit

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  Quality AMASS XT60H battery connectors come pre-soldered with 12AWG gauge soft silicone for direct connection to flight controllers, BEC or 4-in-1 ESC. The sheath at the solder connection provides strain relief for the solder joints and added protection against shorts from damaged insulation near the solder joints that may damage your LiPo batteries.  Specifications: Connector AMASS XT60H male with connector sheath Connector Material...

WS2812B LEDs light for flight controller


  Available in 2 or 4 LEDs version, these mini size LEDs board provide that extra enhancement for your racing drone, connected to LEDs pad which are available on most flight controllers. The LED can be configured through Betaflight of Cleanflight configurators, it can be set for craft orientation, system warnings, arm status, turn indication, lason scanner effect etc Specifications:...

110dB High Output 5V Alarm Buzzer with LED Lights


Louder than most standard buzzer's operating at 85dB, this buzzer is super loud at an approximate 110dB output, along with 4 programmable LED lights it is indispensable for locating your lost quad or alerting you of any error. Specifications: Voltage 5V LED 4pcs x WS2812 (programmable thru Betaflight) Size 27mm x 14mm x 11mm Connection flight controller buzzer output Weight 2.9g Mounting 3M mounting...

M5 Low Profile Motor Props Locknut


  Low profile to reduce the risk of props working loosely; especially when using props with thicker hubs or motors with shorter shaft.     Specifications: Size M5 Material Alloy Colour Titanium grey Profile Low Type Self locking Package includes 4 x locknuts    

Motors screw set (20pcs)


  Screw set comprising of 20 pieces, 12.9 high strength YFS screw M3 x 6mm (Gold).   Specifications: Type Button head screws Package includes YFS screw M3 x 6mm (G) suitable for 4mm thickness arm    

Rubber Vibration Damping Bobbins for Flight Controllers - M2/ M3


  With the high cycle timing of current flight controllers and powerful motors employed by FPV quad racers, soft mounted flight controllers are almost always required to prevent twitches or oscillations caused by high-frequency vibrations that interfere with accurate gyro reading and PID tunes. These bobbins uses soft but tough rubber damping material to damp out motors, props train and frame's undesirable...

Replacement Sponge for FatShark Goggles Faceplate


 Improved comfort with the nylon sponge material and special nose bridge design reduces light leakage for pilots with smaller nose bridge. Specifications: Fit HD and Dominator series Attachment Velcro Material Nylon sponge Package includes 1 x grey foam 1 x black foam  2 x backing velcro

FatShark Goggles Straps Black


  Replacement Straps for FPV goggles, FatShark. Suitable for SkyZone goggles as well.  

High-Grip Reusable Battery Pad


These battery pads provide excellent grip between the battery pack and frame, prevent slippage of LiPo battery mid-flight. To keep the pad contact surface tacky, rinse with water or wipe with a wet cloth. Specifications : Material PU based Gel Colour Clear Size 50mm x 50mm x thickness 3mm  Note use scissors to cut to size before peeling the clear protective...

Battery Silicone Anti-Slip Pad


These anti-slip battery pads provide grip surface between the battery pack and frame, prevent slippage of LiPo battery mid-flight. To keep the pad contact surface tacky, rinse with water or wipe with a wet cloth. Available in two sizes.  Specifications: Material Soft silicone Colour Black Size 65mm x 25mm x 1mm, 100mm x 30mm x 2mm Mounting 3M self-adhesive on...

Total Rotor Battery Strap (5pcs)


  Specifications: Size 220 x 15mm or 220 x 20mm Package 5pcs  

Battery Protection Plate


 A complete battery retention kit for racing frames with bottom mounted batteries, it comes with non-slip silica gel pad mounted on carbon fibre plate to keep the battery in place during flight and provides protection when landing.   Specifications : Material 3K high strength carbon fibre board Thickness 1.5mm Anti Slip Pad Silicone gel pad with self adhesive Size  42 x...

TPU Battery Protector / Landing Gear


  Light weight TPU 3D printed designed for racing frames with bottom mounted batteries, it protects the battery from ground hits when in low level flights or when landing.   Specifications : Material 3D printed TPU Colour Yellow, Red Front Incline Angle 30 degrees Fit Type 1 - Red (200 - 250mm frame) Type 2 - Yellow (110 - 130mm frame)...

Backpack buckle (Flight bag Accessory)


Made to maximize your existing flight bag, strap your quadcopters on the outside of your backpack and save the internal space for other equipment. Features : Lightweight, stylish carbon fibre plate and TPU brackets. Easy to install, only 3 holes will be needed to mount on your backpack. Package include 1 pc x Buckle Mount Set, 1 pc x 20*200mm straps 1...

Total Rotor Performance© - TRP SPRINT Screw Set


  Original replacement parts for TRP SPRINT comprising of a full set of hardware for one frame. All threads are M3.   Specifications: 2pc Aluminium standoff M3 x 28mm (T) 2pc Aluminium standoff M3 x 20mm (T) 6pcs YFS screw M3 x 6mm (B) 2pcs YFS screw M3 x 8mm (B) 4pcs YFS screw M3 x 12mm (B) 4pcs YFS screw...

Total Rotor Performance© - TRP Sprint original replacement part, antenna mount set


  Specifications : Package 1 x Integrated VTx & Rx antenna mount 1 x antenna pipe 2 x end cap Colour Black  

iFlight Battery Handbag


Flexible combination: Change the space combination, storage 4 DJI Spark batteries / 3 Dji Mavic Pro Batteries/ 2 Dji Phantom3/4 batteries.Safeguard lipo battery: This flame retardant bag is a convenient way of safeguarding your lipo batteries during charging, transit, and storage.Always remember to comply with charging and safety guidelines and never leave charging or damaged Lipo batteries unattended. Features : - Intensive...

XT60 Female To XT30 Male adapter

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 Cable adapter - XT60 female to XT30 male. Use this to charge your XT30 batteries on a charger equipped for XT60 batteries.  Specifications: Length 10cm Connector type XT60 Female (to charger) XT30 Male (to battery)  

T16 Carbon Fiber Cover Replacement

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The water transfer printing front panel for Jumper T16/Jumper T16 PLUS/T16 Pro/T16 Pro Hall.  Colour Carbon Fiber  

Annoying Self Powered 110dB Alarm Buzzer


Warning : This buzzer is ANNOYINGLY LOUD. Connected and configured like the usual lost model buzzer that is powered by the main battery. In the event of  main battery disconnection in a crash, this self powered buzzer will be activated automatically, making it easier to locate your quad with it's super loud 110dB output buzzer. Operation: In normal operation with the main battery...