SucceX F7 TwinG Flight Controller V2.1

SGD$64.50 SGD$55.00

SucceX F7 TwinG // GYRO FUSION is the NEXT-GEN flight controller, ready for anything, with 5 uarts, 8 motor outputs, 32Mb blackbox and a powerful F7 processor to run it all. With it's clean intuitive layout, the SucceX F7 TwinG makes installation a breeze with a 4-pin connector for your VTx and an 8-pin connector that allows simple plug and...


Succex Micro F4 15A V2.1 Stack (plug motor connection )

SGD$73.00 SGD$65.00

 SucceX 16x16mm micro F4 Tower is specially designed for micro (toothpick) FPV racing frame, compact and and stacked design in a small 16 x16mm form factor with the micro sized FC, ESC, and VTX neatly stack together with soft mount grommets.  Highly integrated with all the latest features, optimized internal circuitry and pinned interconnects that makes for an easy straight...


iFlight SucceX Mini F4 Fly Tower V2

SGD$120.60 SGD$103.00

SucceX 2-6S Mini F4 Fly Tower is specially suited for micro racers. One of the first mini stack with 6S LiPo capabilities, it is also for those looking to reduce weight on their mini sized quad. The stack include the SucceX mini F4 flight controller, SucceX 35A 4-in-1 ESC and 48 channels multi power VTx, fit directly on frames with...


SucceX-D Alpha Whoop F4 20A AIO Board

Sold Out

Original replacement part for iFlight Alpha Whoop Specifications :  MCU STM32F411 Gyro MPU6000 Baro No Blackbox 8MB BEC output 5V 2A / 10V 2A INA pad nR2 Constant current 20A, 25A (Burst) Power input 2-5S (8-25V) Current Sensor Yes BLHeli BLHeli-S ESC Telemetry No Target IFLIGHT_F411_PRO ESC Firmware G-H-30 BLS Dimension 30.5 x 30.5mm Mounting pattern 25.5 x 25.5mm / φ3mm...


RGB 10 LED 3535 Multi-Colors Race Wire for 4 in 1 ESCs - 4pcs

SGD$17.70 SGD$13.60

  iFlight's latest race wire for use with 4in1 ESCs motor connection can now be configured via the FC's firmware configuration, allowing multi-colored LED and scheme. Using race wires with 4in1 ESCs reduces the risk of cutting motor wires from prop strikes. It is also great for mounting underarm for lighting up your quad.  Specifications: Current capacity 40amps No. of...


SANYO Electrolytic Capacitor Low ESR for Power Supply (pack of 2)

SGD$1.90 SGD$1.40

Available in 2 voltages - 25V and 35V Recommend for use on quads that experience issues caused by electrical “noise” in the system or FCs with sensitive gyros - lines in the FPV feed when increasing throttle, vibrations/oscillations that cannot be tuned out, motor glitches etc. Specifications: Rated voltage 35V (ideal for 4S LiPo, max 5S) 25V (ideal for 3S LiPo,...