SucceX F7 TwinG // GYRO FUSION is the NEXT-GEN flight controller, ready for anything, with 5 uarts, 8 motor outputs, 32Mb blackbox and a powerful F7 processor to run it all. With it's clean intuitive layout, the SucceX F7 TwinG makes installation a breeze with a 4-pin connector for your VTx and an 8-pin connector that allows simple plug and play connection with your 4in1 ESC.

However, the real magic of this flight controller lies in it's TWIN ICM20689 SPI GYRO configuration.

The TwinG uses two identical gyros oriented side by side with one offset 90 degrees from the other. Betaflight uses GYRO FUSION to blend and average the information from both gyros to send a much cleaner signal to the PID loop controller! It features less noise and fewer oscillations across the throttle band without adding any delay! Betaflight software filters can be lowered in most cases bringing a significant decrease in delay giving that ‘locked-in” on quads for racing. With plenty of processing power from the F7 chip, and 5 uarts, this FC is also great for long-range GPS builds. On top of that, the TwinG configuration makes it the ideal FC for builds like macro quads, cinematic filming rigs and x-class racers that are a bit trickier to tune.  

Click here for UAV Tech's review or here for Albert Kim's review

Specifications : 
MCU 216 MHz STM32F722RET6
Barometer No
Gyro 2x ICM20689 (SPI) can be configured in CLi to run either or run both simultaneously in Gyro Fusion mode 
Firmware target Betaflight IFF7_TWIN_G 
OSD Betaflight OSD (AT7456E chip)
Black Box 32Mb on board
Rx support SBUS, IBUS, DSMX, SUMD (SBUS Serial RX on UART 1- RC pad)
Accessories connection


8x Motor signal pads

8-pin 4in1 ESC port

4-pin VTx connector

Cam and VTx video pads, including voltage supply pads

LED and buzzer pads  

Dimensions 36 x 36mm x 10mm, 30.5 x 30.5mm mounting holes with M3 rubber grommet 
Mounting holes 30.5 x 30.5mm with M3 rubber grommet
Weight 6.2g


 Package include (pre-built as a stack) :

1 pc x SucceX F7 TwinG Flight Controller (Dual ICM20689)

4 pc x silicon grommets M4 to M3

1 pc x 8-pin 4in1 ESC harness

1 pc x 4-pin VTx harness


TwinG Gyro Setup in Betaflight CLi:

  • Betaflight default setting is "gyro_to_use = both" (GYRO FUSION is active, the dynamic fusion and averaging)
  • To check the current setting, type "get gyro" and look for "gyro_to_use = xxx" (xxx being: "first" or "second" for single gyro and "both" for dual gyro)
  • FC can also operate in single gyro mode, using either gyro
  • To change settings, type "set gyro_to_use = xxx" (xxx being: "first" or "second" for single gyro and "both" for dual gyro)
  • Type "save" to activate your setting
  • to get the most reliable performance or encounter noise, oscillation and bent props: Please use the default setting "both". 
  • For single gyro use, please use the debugging options to find and tune for the cleaner gyro, but lose the dynamic fusion and averaging. 
  • BF offers the following dual gyro debug options: dual_gyro_raw, dual_gyro, dual_gyro_diff, dual_gyro_combined
  • BlackboxLog explorer graph: dual_gyro_raw Debugging = [0] Roll Gyro1, [2] Roll Gyro2, [3] Pitch Gyro2
  • the displayed graph will show the Gyro_Raw reading (no filters applied), both gyros can be compared 

Click here for wiring diagram

TR Tip: Take extra care when using the provided wire harness to connect a 4in1 esc to your FC. To avoid damaging the boards, before powering up, always double check that the wires are correctly connect to the respective pins on the boards, especially the positive and negative connection  powering  the FC.