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The BLHeli_32 bit ESC brings the speed advantage of 32 bit and functionality to quadcopter FPV racing. The mini form size allows the mounting on frames with skinny arms. When paired with the iFlight Revo Bee32 F4 Pro flight controller, an even cleaner and weight shaving is achieved. 

The advantage:

32 bit processors operate faster than 8 bit, at which we can expect better performance from the new 32 bit ESCs; such as faster input signals with lower latency and higher update rate, including DSHOT1200 or even faster protocol support. Simply is not possible with current 8 bit ESC, the 32 bit platform allows for added functionality and features, such as: 

  • Programmable PWM frequency of up to 48kHz
  • Auto-timing for higher efficiency and reliability 
  • Voltage/Current limiting
  • Adjustable "Brake on Stop" force 
  • Improve direction change in bidirectional mode 
  • Configuring from flight controller using DShot commands
  • ESC telemetry

*Note: Some of the features are just ideas from the developer (aka sskaug) at the moment and has yet to be implemented 


ESC Type 32bit
Firmware BLHeli 32
Operating current 35A
Burst current 45A
Voltage input 2-6S LiPo
BEC nil
Motor protocol Supports Oneshot / Multishot / DShot
Dimensions 26mm x 12.5mm 
Weight 3.2g (without wires)
Note Designed with no current sensor or RGB LED for smaller form size and lighter weight for use on racing quads


Click here to download BLHeli 32 configurator.