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Lighter. Faster. Sleeker

Presenting to you the new TRP SPRINT – an FPV racing frame designed and produced by Total Rotor Performance©

We’ve heard you – crafted from the same high quality Mitsubishi carbon fibre plates of the original TRP, the new TRP SPRINT improves on several fronts including weight, durability, ease of build and overall flight performance; all while maintaining the proven design approach of its predecessors.

Building on the success of the TRP V2, the new TRP SPRINT now features:

  • Tweaked stretched X configuration for improved roll performance without losing the forward flight stability of the TRP V2 true stretched X config.
  • Improved balance between weight saving for racing and durability.
  • A unique roll cage mounting which allows fast and easy removal while retaining the ability to handle crashes as with the original TRP V2
  • Damping plate to reduce vibration and increase cage wear tolerance
  • Accommodate both micro and full-sized boards and higher electronic stack clearance
  • Multiple FPV cam height mounting options to accommodate individual flight preferences and cam protection
  • The arms incorporate a motor wire retention notch to allow running wires below the arms away from those nasty props cuts
  • Integrated antenna mountings TPU bracket that integrate both Rx and Tx antennas mounts

Of course, the TRP SPRINT remains as affordable for its specs - no paying for marketing hype, sponsorships, unnecessary fancy parts or packaging.

Build your next race quad with TRP SPRINT today for that speed, acceleration and amazing control that you seek!

Check out these amazing shots of the TRP Sprint here

For review of quad by FPV Pilot - Wilson Yik, please click here

Specifications :

Configuration Stretch X-Tweaked
Size 213mm motor to motor
Props 5" Triblade
Material High performance Mitsubishi carbon fibre
Frame Weight 84g
Arm Thickness 4mm
Body Plate Thickness 2mm


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TR Tip : Mount the battery straps without going under the FC or electronic stacks, this frees up additional space under the stack to mount your RX etc and minimises the risk of dislodging wires if and when the battery straps snapped or when inserting.

Try this method and your battery straps will last for ages

  • insert the battery strap through the battery slot and loop back through the strap's buckle.
  • to secure battery, insert the other end into the battery slot on the frame's other side and strap down (Velcro down) Or zip tie an old buckle to the battery slot and loop through this buckle instead to secure battery