HGLRC DinoShot 60A BlHeli 32 4 in 1 ESC


Full size high capacity 4 in 1 ESC from HGLRC with high quality MosFets and more than 30 on-board ceramic capacitors for noise reduction. Compatible with most FC but designed to be pair with HGLRC standalone FC the AIRBUS F4 or the Forward F7  Discount for ordering as a stack, click on price dropdown box. Features: 32bit FO51K86 MCU,48mHz running speed; N-Channel Mosfets 33pieces Low...

iPeaka BORG 35A BLHeli 32 bit ESC 4-in-1 DSHOT 1200


 iPeaka BORG 35A BLHeli 32 is designed with 32 bit 48MHz FO51K86 MCU, complete with 33 pieces of low ESR capacitors for noise control. It ensures fast response, smooth and stable control of the motors while providing a smooth flight experience and absolute control.  The optional heatsink effectively pulls heat away from the MOS tubes, protecting the critical parts of your...

HGLRC DinoShot 40AMP 3-4S BLHeli32 4in1 ESC DSHOT1200 for XJB F440

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  Replacement ESC board for  HGLRC XJBF440 20x20mm stack Specifications: Type 32 bit ESC Protocol DSHOT1200/600/300/150/Oneshot125/42, MultiShot CPU STM32F051 Input Voltage 3-4S Lipo battery Constant Current 40A Burst Current 50A BEC Output NO Firmware BLHELI_32  Dimension 27x27mm (main board),  32x34mm (including pad) Mounting Hole 20 x 20mm, M2 Weight 5.2g  

SucceX Mini 35A 2-6S 4 in 1 ESC V1/ V2


Replacement ESC board for SucceX Mini F4 Stack. Specifications :  Type V1/ V2 MCU STM32F051 Protocol Dshot1200, Proshot, Oneshot, Multishot Target iFlight-BL32-4IN1 Input  2-6S LiPo Current sensor V1 - No V2 - Yes Capacity 35A, 45A burst Dimension 31 x 31mm (including the power pads) Mounting holes 20 x 20mm Package includes 1pc x SucceX Mini 35A 2-6S 4 in 1...

iFlight SucceX Mini F4 Fly Tower V2


SucceX 2-6S Mini F4 Fly Tower is specially suited for micro racers. One of the first mini stack with 6S LiPo capabilities, it is also for those looking to reduce weight on their mini sized quad. The stack include the SucceX mini F4 flight controller, SucceX 35A 4-in-1 ESC and 48 channels multi power VTx, fit directly on frames with...

Airbot Furling32 MINI 45A– F3 BLHELI 32 ESC


Special price for package orders! Click drop down box for pricing!   A powerful ESC in a small package, the Furling32 Mini is the latest ESC from Airbot and employs a full F3 onboard MCU operating at 108Mhz compared to most other Blheli32 ESCs running F0 MCU at 48Mhz. This latest F3 ESC gives a smooth control and fast response and supports up to...