The Succex Power distribution board is designed for high voltage and high current applications. It consists of 2+2+3+3 layers of heavy copper to sustain maximum current demand. This PDB can sustain up to a maximum total 330A. Also features 12V 3Amp and 5V 3Amp regulators with a maximum of 8S (36V) input. 

In addition, it can also collect the signal port of each single ESC to an 8pin port, which can be directly inserted to the iFlight SucceX series flight control, to provide the most convenient and efficient flight experience.

 Specifications : 

Input Voltage 2-8S (5-36V)
2-5S: 5V 3A/12V 3A
5-8S: 5V 2.5A/12V 2A
Mounting holes
4*70A Max.4*82.5A
Current Sensor 
100 (1/10mV/A)
Weight 8.7g
Mounting holes 30.5 x 30.5mm
Package includes

1pc x SucceX 60A V2 Plus BLHeli_32 4 in 1 ESC

1 set x Power cables and ESC signal wires