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Warning : This buzzer is ANNOYINGLY LOUD.
Connected and configured like the usual lost model buzzer that is powered by the main battery. In the event of  main battery disconnection in a crash, this self powered buzzer will be activated automatically, making it easier to locate your quad with it's super loud 110dB output buzzer.
In normal operation with the main battery still connected, it works like any other buzzer (connected and configured via FC). In the event of main battery being disconnected, the buzzer will be activated in 30secs and continue to work till it's internal battery is drained (approx >one hour)
A constant LED indicate that the internal battery charging is in progress and LED will turn off when charging is completed. LED will flash if main battery is disconnected and the buzzer will be activated in 30 secs. 
To disarm the buzzer, long press button for approx. 2secs 
Black (-) Ground
Red (+) 5V or Bz+
Green (Trigger) Bz-


Voltage 5V
Size 18mm x 17mm x 15mm
Battery Built in Battery 75mah
Weight 4.3g