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 iPeaka BORG 35A BLHeli 32 is designed with 32 bit 48MHz FO51K86 MCU, complete with 33 pieces of low ESR capacitors for noise control. It ensures fast response, smooth and stable control of the motors while providing a smooth flight experience and absolute control. 

The optional heatsink effectively pulls heat away from the MOS tubes, protecting the critical parts of your ESC. Designed with a 30.5 x 30.5 mounting holes, rational layout design and extended solder pads allows the BORG to fit most racing frames.  Recommended to pair with a standalone FC such as the HGLRC AirBus F4 the Forward F7


  • 32 bit FO51K86 MCU, 48MHz running speed
  • N-Channel Mosfets 
  • 33 pieces low ESR capacitors, total capacity 880uf, lower ripple and more stable voltage 
  • Top grade I-MOS tubes and capacitors 
  • 3oz copper 4 layer PCB for higher operating load capacity 
  • Improved connection pads layout, extended motor soldering pad  


ESC Type 32bit
Firmware BLHeli 32
Operating current 35A
Burst current 45A
Voltage input 3-6S LiPo
Voltage output VBat
Input 4PWM
BEC nil
Motor protocol Supports Oneshot / Multishot / DShot
Dimensions 38mm x 40mm x 6mm, with mounting holes of size M3 30.5mm x 30.5mm
Weight 17.5g (without heatsink) 

Heatsink is an optional item and NOT INCLUDED, please selected option from dropdown box accordingly.

Ensure that there is sufficient clearance for airflow above and below the ESC board 

 Click here for wiring diagram.

Package include :

1 pc × 4-in-1 ESC

1 pc × ESC signal wire connector

1 pc × XT60 c/w power cable

Ipc x Heatsink (optional item)

TR Tip: Take extra care when using the provided wire harness to connect a 4in1 esc to your FC. To avoid damaging the boards, before powering up, always double check that the wires are correctly connect to the respective pins on the boards, especially the positive and negative connection  powering  the FC.