Latest FC from HGLRC, the Forward F7 Dual Gyro Flight Controller features a future-proof F7 CPU and dual gyros to allow a selection of gryo choice. There are four LED connectors at each corner for fuss-free LED strips connection on the arms of the quad and easy GPS hookup connector to use Betaflight's "GPS Rescue" feature. Also included are rubber grommets for FC's soft mounting. Recommended to pair with HGLRC Dinoshot 60A Blheli 32 4in1 ESC for top performance and weight saving


Specifications : 
Type F7 with 5V BEC
MPU ICM20608 and MPU6000-SPI (selectable in CLI)
CPU STM32F745VGT6, 32K+16K
Current Sensor NA, BLHeli_32 ESC dependent
Firmware Target Betaflight 4.10: HGLRCF745(HGLR)
OSD Betaflight OSD
Input voltage 3-6S
BEC Output 5V@3A, 8V@1.5A (VTx) 
RX protocols supported SBus/PPM/DSMX 
UARTs UART1, UART3, UART6, UART7, UART2 internally hardwired for serial RX
Other connection breakout 4 x LED connectors, 2 x LED pad, 1 x 4-in-1 ESC connector, ESC S1 to S4 pads, current, video in/out, buzzer

37 x 37mm board 

Mounting holes 30.5mm mounting holes (M3 with rubber grommets)
Weight 10.2g

Only one gyro is operating

- Gyro selection is from within Betaflight CLI

- To get current gyro in use, type "Status"

- To change gryo, type:

1. "get gyro_to_use" and note the current gyro number (first or second)

2. "set gyro_to_use=first" to use ICM20608, or 

3. "set gyro_to_use=second" to use MPU6000

4. "save"

Package includes

1 pc × HGLRC Forward F7 Dual Gyro Flight Control Board

1 pc x SH1.0 8PIN 60mm cable 

1 pc x SH1.0 6PIN 100mm cable



TR Tip: Take extra care when using the provided wire harness to connect a 4in1 esc to your FC. To avoid damaging the boards, before powering up, always double check that the wires are correctly connect to the respective pins on the boards, especially the positive and negative connection  powering  the FC.
HGLRC Forward F7 Dual Gyro Flight Controller
Click here for wiring diagram.