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iFlight's latest race wire for use with 4in1 ESCs motor connection can now be configured via the FC's firmware configuration, allowing multi-colored LED and scheme. Using race wires with 4in1 ESCs reduces the risk of cutting motor wires from prop strikes. It is also great for mounting underarm for lighting up your quad. 


Current capacity 40amps
No. of LEDs 10 per board
LED voltage 5v
LED colors Multi colors and scheme (configured via FC FW)
LED connection 5v positive to "V" and negative to "G", "N" (in) to FC LED pad and "O" (out) daisy chain to another LED strip's "N"
Size 45 x 8 x 4mm
Weight 2.2g per pc
Board 2 oz, 2 layer board
Note Insulation between Race Wire board and the frame arm is required

4pcs x RGB 10 LED 3535 Multi-Colors Race Wire


RGB 10 LED 3535 Multi-Colors Race Wire for 4 in 1 ESCs  - 4pcs Total Rotor