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Designed  specifically for mounting the light weight Runcam Micro series of FPV camera on the Katak Stretch SE and TRP V2 frame. This FPV camera adapter also provides protection against those camera smashing frontal crashes. 3D printed from TPU for increased durability and in attractive colours. Fit both KATAK Stretch SE as well as the TRP V2. Comes in two versions - Runcam Eagle Micro/ Micro Swift 3 / Racer and Micro Swift. 


Material TPU

Red is for Runcam Micro Eagle / Micro Swift 3 / Racer;

Yellow is for Runcam Micro Swift 2

Camera angle 10 to 55 degrees
Weight 6g



  • Remove the top standoff from your KATAK frame and insert the standoff into the camera protection cage 
  • Mount the camera on the cage
  • Reinstall the whole assembly on to your frame
  • Tighten all the screws and go fly!