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Quality AMASS XT60H battery connectors come pre-soldered with 12AWG gauge soft silicone for direct connection to flight controllers, BEC or 4-in-1 ESC. The sheath at the solder connection provides strain relief for the solder joints and added protection against shorts from damaged insulation near the solder joints that may damage your LiPo batteries. 


Connector AMASS XT60H male with connector sheath
Connector Material Brass, gold plated
Connector Insulation PA
Connector Resistance 0.8 mΩ
Current Capacity 60A/100A
Recommended Usage up to 1,000 insertion
Wire material Soft silicone wire
Wire gauge 12AWG
Length 12cm


TR Tip: Due to the design of XT60 connectors, prolong usage can reduce the "tightness" of the connection. Using a small Philip screwdriver, carefully insert the tip into the center slits of each pin on the male connector and gently spread the pin's slits, this will restore the "tightness" of the connection. For best electrical connection, power connectors should be kept clean, use a contact cleaner to clean contact surface regularly.