Panda Power 1300 4S 95c Top C Series Total Rotor
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Awesome new pack from Bonka! These packs take the beating, even from the more abusive setups like 2206-2600s and 5051x3 props!


Specifications :

Capacity 1300mAh
Type 4S1P / 14.8V / 4 cell lithium polymer 
Constant discharge 95C
Burst discharge 190C 
Charge Rate 1-3C recommended, 5C max
Power Connector XT60
Size 33 x 34 x 75mm (H x W x L)
Weight 165g
TR Tip : Avoid storing your lipo batteries for long period in a discharged or full charged state, store in "Storage Charge" condition (3.8 to 3.85volts per cell), most charger will have this function.

Try to use battery protectors plate to protect against crushing your batteries, TPU landing gears are great but tend to be heavy. Alternatively use rubber/silicon wrist bands, strap it lengthwise on the battery lower edge, this provides some protection against denting the battery front lower edge which are typically exposed for frames with underslung battery mount.