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With the high cycle timing of current flight controllers and powerful motors employed by FPV quad racers, soft mounted flight controllers are almost always required to prevent twitches or oscillations caused by high-frequency vibrations that interfere with accurate gyro reading and PID tunes. These bobbins uses soft but tough rubber damping material to damp out motors, props train and frame's undesirable high-frequency vibrations from reaching your flight controller as well as the added advantage of shock absorption in the event of a crash.


Thread size M2/ M3 (male and female)
Material Rubber
Thread length 4.8mm/ 4.5mm (male)
Standoff height 4.5mm/ 7mm
Standoff diameter 5.9mm/ 5.6mm
Package Weight 2.3g per set of 4


*Note: Avoid using excessive force when tightening.