Infinity RS Force V3 1550mAh 4s Square LiPo (120 - 240C)

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Special price for package orders! Click drop down box for pricing!  *Not available for overseas shipment Infinity Force with graphene tech, version 3 of the successful RS Force racing batteries; featuring a higher discharge platform than version 2 as well as lower sag and higher reliability compared to other similar products. Square form factor will fit most frames and reduces the risk of damage...


Bonka U2 SI GR 1500mAh 4s 95c Silicone Graphene Lipo Pack

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*Not available for overseas shipment A new upgraded version of BONKA FPV performance U2 batteries series, employing the latest Silicone Graphene (SI GR) composition for added consistent explosive power - Ultralight - Higher reliability - Remarkable performance Specifications: Cells   4S  Capacity  1500mAh Discharge 95C (142.5amp) Burst Discharge 190C (285amp) Nominal Voltage  14.8V Cell Configuration 4S1P Connection  XT60 plug Dimension W37mm x H34mm x L76mm Weight 196g   * For those in the...

Annoying Self Powered 110dB Alarm Buzzer


Warning : This buzzer is ANNOYINGLY LOUD. Connected and configured like the usual lost model buzzer that is powered by the main battery. In the event of  main battery disconnection in a crash, this self powered buzzer will be activated automatically, making it easier to locate your quad with it's super loud 110dB output buzzer. Operation: In normal operation with the main battery...


Jumper T18 Pro Carbon Faceplate (ALPS RDC90 Gimbals)

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The Jumper T18 Pro version comes with the super smooth ALPS RDC90 sensor gimbals offering higher precision than Hall sensors. The Jumper T18, operating on OpenTX, brings the best features of the T16 series along with an upgrade of the JP4-in-1 module into JP5-in-1 for more compatibility  The Jumper T18 has a JP5-in-1 multi-protocol module with 2.4G JP4-in-1 and 915MHZ / 868MHZ at...


FULLSEND 4S 450mAh 75C - XT30

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The compact and lightweight design of FULLSEND 4S 450mAh 75C Lipo Batteries  makes it ideal for H frames and 4S whoop drones. Features: * Advanced battery technology doubles your craft's performance time* High discharge performance*Lithium Polymer raw materials from Japan and Korea * Reliable power for FPV micro H-frame quads and whoop quads   Specifications: Minimum Capacity 450mAh Discharge Rate 75C Configuration...

XING-E 1104 Race Motor - 4200KV

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 iFlight XING series motors, designed by FPV pilot and specialist Patrick Xing; combining iFlight's high-quality motor production technology with Patrick Xing's technical expertise to produce a top-of-the-line motor. Super durable and ultra-light, these 1104 motors only weigh 5g with 60mm (4200KV) / 44mm (8300KV) cable. Features: * XING-E 1104 brushless motors are customized for 2~3S brushless whoop drone * Shaft...


FULLSEND 3S 450mAh 75C - XT30

$14.00 $11.00

The FULLSEND 3S 450mAh 75C Lipo Battery is lightweight and very compact size. . The Lipo fits into the iFlight CineBee whoop and TurboBee whoop. This battery increases flight time significantly and it also provides a little more power over the stock battery. Features : * Advanced battery technology doubles your device's performance time* High discharge performance and high energy...

SucceX Micro 200MW VTX


Replacement part for Succex Micro F4  V2.1 Flight Stack   Specifications :  Power PIT/25/100/200mW VTx control protocol IRC Tramp Antenna interface IPEX (UFL) Mounting holes 16 x 16mm Weight 1.6g     Package include :  1 x 5.8G SucceX Micro 200mW VTX V2 

SucceX Micro ESC 15A V2.1 with Plugs


Replacement part for Succex Micro F4  V2.1 Flight Stack Specifications : MCU BB21F16G BEC No Firmware G-H-30 BLS 16.7 BLHeliSuite Input voltage 2-4S LIPO Continuous current 15A Current sensor Yes ESC protocol Pwm, oneshot125, multishot, dshot150, 300, 600, etc. Protocol support Smartaudio & Tramp VTX Mounting hole 16 x 16mm Weight 3.6g    Package include : 1pc x SucceX...

XING 1204 FPV Micro Motor - 4500kv


 iFlight XING series motors, designed by FPV pilot and specialist Patrick Xing; combining iFlight's high-quality motor production technology with Patrick Xing's technical expertise to produce a top-of-the-line motor. Super durable with an ultra-light Unibody bell, this motor weighs a mere 6g ensuring that your flight performance is never compromised by any extra weight. Suitable Replacement part for iFlight Alpha Whoop...

SucceX-D Alpha Whoop F4 20A AIO Board


Original replacement part for iFlight Alpha Whoop Specifications :  MCU STM32F411 Gyro MPU6000 Baro No Blackbox 8MB BEC output 5V 2A / 10V 2A INA pad nR2 Constant current 20A, 25A (Burst) Power input 2-5S (8-25V) Current Sensor Yes BLHeli BLHeli-S ESC Telemetry No Target IFLIGHT_F411_PRO ESC Firmware G-H-30 BLS Dimension 30.5 x 30.5mm Mounting pattern 25.5 x 25.5mm / φ3mm...

SucceX Force Nano 5.8g 300mW VTX Adjustable Power


Small in size but big in power! The iFlight Micro Force is the VTX you need for your next micro build. Excellent power output stability with switchable power from 25mW  to 300mW and with a PIT mode. Original replacement part for iFlight Alpha Whoop A85 (NOTE: for replacement, reuse the VTX adapter board on the A85) Specifications :  Power transmission PIT / 25...

GEPRC GR1204 - 5000KV Motor


 GR1204 Racing Motor, Whoop and Toothpick Class Features: * High efficiency * Designed for Toothpick or Whoop Drone building * Dual bearing design and balanced bell for smoother operation * Compatible with 40mm-75mm propellers Specifications: Operating KV 5000Kv No. of cells (LiPo) 3-4S Configuration 9N12P Stator 1204 Shaft Diameter Ø1.5mm Motor Dimensions Ø15.28 x 10.9mm Rotor N52H arc magnets Base Casing 7075-T6 Weight 3.8g...

T16 Carbon Fiber Cover Replacement

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The water transfer printing front panel for Jumper T16/Jumper T16 PLUS/T16 Pro/T16 Pro Hall.  Colour Carbon Fiber  

XT60 Female To XT30 Male adapter

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 Cable adapter - XT60 female to XT30 male. Use this to charge your XT30 batteries on a charger equipped for XT60 batteries.  Specifications: Length 10cm Connector type XT60 Female (to charger) XT30 Male (to battery)  

RunCam Racer Nano 2 - 1.8mm IR Blocked

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 RunCam Racer Nano 2 is a micro size FPV camera designed specifically for FPV racing with ultra low latency of 6ms and super-WDR. The RunCam Racer Nano 2 has 3 pre-set scene mode: Personal, Lightrax and Darkness which can be changed via joystick control or gesture control. Specifications: Model RunCam Racer Nano 2  Image Sensor Super WDR CMOS Sensor Horizontal...

SucceX-D F7 TwinG Flight Controller V2.1 (HD Version)

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The SucceX-D F7 V2.1 is designed to work seamlessly with DJI’s new HD FPV system, connector to allow direct connection of a DJI Air unit with the included wire harness. In addition, iFlight added the popular and reliable USB Type-C as used in the DJI module. *Features - Universal USB Type C connector instead of micro USB - Plug-and-Play. No need...

GEPRC GR1105 - 5000KV Motor

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 GEPRC SPEEDX GR1105 5000KV 2-4S FPV Racing Brushless Motor for RC Drone Features: *  N52H magnet ensures high temperature resistance and low loss of magnetic field * Japanese NSK bearings, ensure smooth operation of motor * Lightweight base design for efficient heat dissipation Specifications: Operating KV 5000Kv No. of cells (LiPo) 2-4S Configuration 9N12P Stator Length 1.9mm Shaft Diameter 1.5mm Motor dimensions...

Succex Micro F4 15A V2.1 Stack (plug motor connection )

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 SucceX 16x16mm micro F4 Tower is specially designed for micro (toothpick) FPV racing frame, compact and and stacked design in a small 16 x16mm form factor with the micro sized FC, ESC, and VTX neatly stack together with soft mount grommets.  Highly integrated with all the latest features, optimized internal circuitry and pinned interconnects that makes for an easy straight...

HGLRC DinoShot 60A BlHeli 32 4 in 1 ESC


Full size high capacity 4 in 1 esc from HGLRC with high quality MosFets and more than 30 on-board ceramic capacitors for noise reduction. Compatible with most FC but designed to be pair with HGLRC standalone FC the AIRBUS Features: 32bit FO51K86 MCU,48mHz running speed; N-Channel Mosfets 33pieces Low ESR capacitors, total capacity 880uf, lower ripple and more stable voltage;...

Speedy Bee F7 AIO Flight Controller

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Speedy Bee F7 AIO is an all new AIO flight controller that integrates PDB, Bluetooth , Barometer, 32MB OnBoard Flash for BlackBox, and users can adjust the parameters of the flight controller using the Speedy Bee App with an integrated Bluetooth chip. The board comes with esc solder pads for use with individual ESCs as well as a connector if building with...

SucceX 2-8S PDB w/ 5V/12V BEC

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The Succex Power distribution board is designed for high voltage and high current applications. It consists of 2+2+3+3 layers of heavy copper to sustain maximum current demand. This PDB can sustain up to a maximum total 330A. Also features 12V 3Amp and 5V 3Amp regulators with a maximum of 8S (36V) input.  In addition, it can also collect the signal...

SucceX 55A Slick 2-6S ESC (set of 4)

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SucceX 55A Slick 2-6S ESC is specially designed for FPV racing frames with slim arms. The STM32F051 is combined with a high-performance 3 in1 driver for improved latency. Specifications :  MCU STM32F051 Frequency Up to 48kHz PWM frequency Protocol Dshot1200, Proshot, Oneshot, Multishot Capacitance 470μF/50V  Input  2-6S LiPo Current sensor Yes Capacity 35A, 45A burst Dimension 35*11mm Weight 3.7g without wires...


FPV Package

$65.00 $58.00

FPV Package which features RUSH VTx, Foxeer Razer Micro Camera and Foxeer Antenna at a special price! Click on the product title below for more product details: Note: All Foxeer Lollipop Antenna comes with random colour.   Package 1 : -Rush TANK VTx 5.8G 48CH 0/25/500/800mW -Foxeer Razer Micro FPV Camera - 1.8mm IR Blocked -Foxeer Lollipop 3 2.5DBi 5.8G Stubby Antenna,...