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 iFlight XING series motors, designed by FPV pilot and specialist Patrick Xing; combining iFlight's high-quality motor production technology with Patrick Xing's technical expertise to produce a top-of-the-line motor. Super durable with an ultra-light Unibody bell, this motor weighs a mere 6g ensuring that your flight performance is never compromised by any extra weight.

Suitable Replacement part for iFlight Alpha Whoop


* XING 1204 brushless motors are customized for 2~4S brushless whoop drone
* Shaft Diameter: 1.5mm
* Weight: 6g
* Compatible with 2-4S lipo battery


Recommended voltage 2S-4S
Configuration 9N12P
Operating KV 4500KV/6500KV
Bearing NSK/5*2*2.5
Stator diameter 12mm
Stator length 4mm
Shaft diameter 1.5mm
Weight (with short wires) 6g
Weight (150mm cables) 33.9g
Motor mount hole 9*9 φ2mm