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Continuing the success of their FPV racing motors, F60 Pro III is the latest from T-motor's stable of FPV racing motors promising higher thrust and durability. These new motors feature high temperature resistance (240 deg Celsius) enameled silver winding and titanium alloy motor shaft with stronger thread, riding on high quality EZO bearings. New great looking bell with anti-slip propeller grip to reduce propeller slippage. 



Operating KV 2500kV/2700kV
Stator 2207 (with high temp resistance enameled silver winding)
Internal Resistance 2500kV - 37mΩ, 2700kV - 35.2mΩ
Shaft Diameter 4mm
Motor Dimensions (Dia x Len) Ø27.5 x 33.5mm
Configuration 12N14P
Operating Voltage (LiPo) 3-4S
Peak Current (60 secs) 2500kV - 48A, 2700kV - 53A
Idle Current@10v 2500kV - 1.7A, 2700kV - 2.0A
Maz Power (60 secs) 2500kV - 729W, 2700kV - 798W
Cable Length 150mm
Cable Gauge AWG 20
Weight Including Cables 2500kV - 25.3g, 2700kV - 35.0g


Performance at 100% throttle for 1 minute (5150 Triblade):

Voltage 2500kV - 14.99V, 2700kV - 14.83V
Max Thrust  2500kV - 1738.22g, 2700kV - 1820.63g
Max Current 2500kV - 51.51A, 2700kV - 58.15A
Max Power 2500kV - 772.27W, 2700kV - 862.46W
Power Ratio 2500kV - 2.25g/W, 2700kV - 2.11g/W



T-Motor F60 PRO III - 2500KV/2700KV