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GEP-GR1106, a high performance motor designed specifically by GEPRC for micro frames spinning 2 to 2.5” props. Ideal KV for 2S Lipos quads giving best balance of power and performance


Stator size 1106
Configuration 9N12P
KV 7500
Shaft Dia 1.5mm
Motor Size dia14.2mm x ht 14mm
Rotor  N50SH arc magnet
Bearings NSK
Voltage 2 - 3S
Max Current (180sec) 11.72amps
Wire 28awg
Weight 7.1g
Package 1 x motor
4 x M2x7mm props screws
4 x M2x5mm 3mm frame screw
4 x M2x5mm 2mm frame screws