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 iFlight XING series motors, designed by FPV pilot and specialist Patrick Xing; combining iFlight's high-quality motor production technology with Patrick Xing's technical expertise to produce a top-of-the-line motor. The elliptical body, powerful stator with high temperature resistant windings, N52H magnets, very small air gap and dynamically balanced bell; result in a motor that delivers incredibly smooth power and thrust. These amazing looking XING motors are deigned to be light in weight for the added edge in performance and efficiency.

Review by Mini Quad Test Bench


 * 7075 aluminium CNC machined elliptical body and base with dynamically balanced bell 
* Large heat dissipation holes design (15℃ reduction compared to similar range motors)
* 4mm high-strength titanium alloy shaft 
* M3 hex shaft set screw 
* Crush resistant bearing damper which eliminates vibration effectively 
* Best efficiency, 50% - 80% optimal throttle output
160mm cable length for different frames and setups
* 220 pacific heat-resistant copper wire, solid wire winding 
* Electromagnetically matched N52H high-temperature magnets and stator
* Japanese Kawasaki 1200 Iron Core
* Light weight
* Anti-slip prop seat 


Stator 2207
Configuration 12N14P
Operating KV 2450KV/ 2750kV
Bell and Base  7075 milled aircraft aluminium, dynamically balanced bell
Centre Shaft Dia 4mm
Centre Shaft  Titanium alloy
No. of cells (LiPo) 2-4S
Internal resistance 2450kV - 46.8mΩ
2750kV - 41.0mΩ
Max power (180 sec) 2450kV - 682.1W 
2750kV - 800.5W
Idle current@10v 2450kV - <1.1A
2750kV - <2.2A
Max Continuous Current (180 sec) 2450kV - 42.63A
2750kV - 50.03A
Max efficiency current 2450kV - 9.33A to 26.08A (>81%)
2750kV - 11.73A to 32.28A (>81%)
Thrust (5050 props) @ 16v 2450kV - 1,498g
2750kV - 1,592g
Motor dimensions Ø28.5 x 19.7mm
Weight (approx 30mm cables) 31.5g
Weight (150mm cables) 34.3g
Cable length 150mm