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iFlight is committed to providing high performance and efficient products to all our customers and is proud to introduce the all new Tachyon Series motors that is designed from the ground up. Durability is a high concern for us since we understand crashing quadcopters at high speed happens and for this reason the Tachyon series motor are made only with the best materials

- The bell and base are milled from 7075 grade aluminium with a unique design featured counter-sunk heat-dispatch holes into the bell.

-  A 420 grade stainless steel hollow shaft extends through the center of the motor for maximum strength as well as being light and durable.

- At the base of the shaft is a set screw which makes for easy bell removal and motor cleaning

The Tachyon motors, offering incredible power, efficiency, and torque, went through extensive and rough testing to ensure its ability to withstand some of the worst crashes.


* 7075 milled aluminium Bell and Base
* Motor wire protected
* High temperature arched magnets  and high current single strand winding
* Electromagnetically matched magnets and stator
* High grade stainless steel shaft that runs throughout the motor to prevent any warping of the bell in hard hits
* Hex bolt shaft set screw
* Dynamically balanced
* 31g without wires


Stator 2306
Configuration 12N14P
Operating KV 2650
Bell and Base  7075 milled aircraft  aluminium, dynamically balanced bell
Centre Shaft Dia 3mm
Centre Shaft  420 grade stainless steel hollow shaft
No. of cells (LiPo) 3-5S
Internal resistance 38.5mΩ
Max power 771.7W (180sec)
Idle current@10v M2 x 5mm
Max Continuous Current 48.23A (180sec)
Motor dimensions Ø28.5 x 20mm
Weight excluding cables 31g
Cable length 150mm