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The EWRC e708TM3 FPV VTx is features packed with 48 channels, wide input DC voltage range and selectable transmitting power of 25mW, 200mW, 600 mW and PITmode (Off); this VTx will fit most flying requirements.

  • PITmode reduces transmitting range to <2m allowing you to power your craft for pit work without interfering with other flyers in the air.
  • The Betaflight OSD support makes for fast and easy changing of channels, bands and power.
  • With Smart Audio compatibility, radios running OpenTX will have the ability to change VTx setting from their radio (LUA script and SPort enabled receivers required)
  • An integrated BEC with 5V DC output simplifies FPV cam connection and improves FPV feed quality.
  • Additional thermal protection circuitry minimise the risk of damage from overheating or antenna disconnection
  • Antenna connection available in Direct SMA connector or Pigtail SMA connector


Frequency 5.8GHz (5362 to 5945 MHz)
Channel 48CH (consistent power output)
Input DC supply 6V-25V
Output DC supply 5V (800mA)
Current consumption @12V DC 25mW-140mA, 200mW-250mA, 600mW- 300mA
Transmission power (selectable) 25mW, 200mW, 600mW, PITmode (off)
Channel/band/power settings Betaflight OSD,Smart Audio,  PWM (channel & PITmode), button on VTx
Antenna connection (option) Direct SMA connector or Pigtail SMA connector
Protection feature protection from damage due to antenna disconnection or overheat
Dimension 32.5mm x 22.6mm x 7.25mm
Weight 8g (without antenna)

 Notes :

  • It is your responsibility to ensure that your use of EWRC products or any radio transmitting device conforms to your local regulations on radio transmitting power and frequency usage. Be responsible and considerate, higher transmitting power means more RX issues, a higher gain receiving antenna is better than higher transmitting power
  • Ensure that antenna is connected before powering up VTx
  • VTx must be mounted in a location with sufficient airflow


VTx Button P (Transmitting Power Selection)

  • Press and hold to change transmitting power, selection indicated by number of the red TX LEDs that are lit (1 LED - 25 mW, 2 LEDs -200mW, 3 LEDs - 600mW)
  • Two short press to enter Pitmode (TX LED blinks continuously), press twice again to exit PITmode (TX LED stays lit).

TR Tip - enter Pitmode immediately after your flight and exit just before your turn to fly, this allows you to power up for pit work and minimises interfering with other flyers, especially useful when flying in a large group

    VTX Button C (Channel and Band)  

    • In working state, display will cycle between Band and Channel
    • Short press to change Channel - 1 to 8
    • Press and hold to change Band - A, b, c, d, E, F (Band F not available if OSD/PWM wire is connected)

    OSD, LUA Script on FrSky Taranis Radio (Smart Audio)

    • Through a  available UART (TX pin) on flight controller. On some FC boards may only work on soft serial and requires resources remapping in CLI
    • Betaflight 3.1 or later firmware required (click here for setup manual)
    • Changing of transmitting power, bands, channels and pitmode (selections are Betaflight dependent)


     TR Tip : A low ESR capacitor of sufficient rating (eg 1000uf/35Volts for 4S power), across the FC battery pads is helpful against electrical noise that may compromise FPV feed.

    VTx e708TM3