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Total Rotor Performance (TRP) upgrade parts are designed specifically for FPV Pilots who wants the last bit of performance from their frames. 

With the TRP Side Plates, the KATAK takes on an aggressive sleek profile for that ultimate racer look without losing the signature "front" of the KATAK. When fitted along with the TRP V2 Racing Arms, TRP V2 Middle Plate and TRP V2 Bottom Plate, the weight of the Total Rotor KATAK Stretch SE lightens by up to 24 grams.

Compatibility : TRP V2, KATAK Stretch SE, old version unibody of KATAK Stretch (Note: this version is not produced nor sold by Total Rotor - requires 4 pcs of M3 x 8mm mounting screws. Some adjustments may be required.)


Material 2mm high performance Mitsubishi carbon fibre 
Package 1 x left plate, 1 x right plate


Note: Note : The SMA/VTx plate is different from Katak Stretch SE, you may need the integrated TRP V2 SMA/VTx plate which is sold separately