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 RUSH Racing, a quality 5.8GHz VTX designed for racing quads with strong anti-interference ability and stable transmission.

  • LOCK-ON technology prevents frequency drift, allowing up to 8 pilots to fly simultaneously without interference.
  • Four adjustable levels of transmitting power -Pit/25/50/200/500/mW 
  • SmartAudio protocol authorized by TBS
  • Full metal casing means efficient heat dissipation as well as great protection from crashes and dings
  • Light weight


Input Voltage 7-36V DC
Lipo Battery 2-8S
Output Voltage 5V 1A
Transmission Power (selectable) Pit/25/50/200/500/mW
Antenna Connection MMCX to SMA connector pigtail
Weight 5.5g




  • It is your responsibility to ensure that your use of  any radio transmitting device conforms to your local regulation on radio transmitting power and frequency usage laws. Be responsible and considerate, higher transmitting power means more RX issues, a higher gain receiving antenna is better than higher transmitting power
  • Ensure that antenna is connected before powering up VTX
  • VTx must be mounted in a location with sufficient airflow