The Hummingbird is a small bird, fast and agile; exhibiting the  characteristics of this amazing bird, the GEP-HX2 Hummingbird micro racing frame features a True-X configuration with a 110mm wheelbase for 2 inch props, FPV camera protection plate and 3K carbon fibre parts. Total Rotor’s GEP-HX2 version comes with 3mm main board plate for strength and stiffness, further enhancing the flight characteristics of the frame.

Specifications :

Configuration X frame
Wheelbase 110mm
Weight 19g
Props size 2 inch
Size 93 x 93mm
Electronic stack mount 20 x 20mm
Main board 3mm
Side board 1.5mm
Frame material 3K carbon fibre plate
Hardware YFS 12.9 class hardness screws, aluminium standoffs