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 Designed and produced by Total Rotor Singapore, the KATAK Stretch Special Edition is truly special having undergone extensive redesign from the standard edition. With new looks and features, all-round enhancements such as replaceable arms, high performance Mitsubishi carbon fibre; the Special Edition promises improved flight performance and durability for locked-in FPV race performance at an amazing price and quality of finish.

Build video: Click here

KATAK Stretch SE review

KATAK Stretch SE flight video

Note : This version is produced and designed by Total Rotor and of a different build and material quality from previous (pre 2017) Katak Stretch frames which are not produced by Total Rotor. From 2017 Total Rotor is the sole authorised producer and distributor of KATAK frames.

Specifications :

Configuration Stretch X
Size 215mm motor to motor
Props 5" Triblade
Material High performance Mitsubishi carbon fibre 
Frame Weight


(check out TRP V2 parts, such as the TRP V2 Arms, for further weight reduction possibilities and performance upgrades)

Arm Thickness 4mm
Body Plate Thickness 2mm


Recommended Components:

Flight controller : AIO F3/F4

ESC : Dshot-compatible 30A

Battery : 1500mAh 4S/5S LiPo battery (70C and above)

Motors : 2205/2206, 2306/2307

FPV camera : Runcam Swift with rear mount

TR Tip : Mount the battery straps without going under the FC or electronic stacks, this frees up additional space under the stack to mount your RX etc and minimises the risk of dislodging wires if and when the battery straps snapped or when inserting.

Try this method and your battery straps will last for ages

  • insert the battery strap through the battery slot and loop back through the strap's buckle.
  • to secure battery, insert the other end into the battery slot on the frame's other side and strap down (Velcro down) Or zip tie an old buckle to the battery slot and loop through this buckle instead to secure battery