Jumper T16 Pro V2 (Hall Sensor Gimbals)

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The Jumper T16 Pro V2 now comes with an external battery charging port utilizing USB Type C and folding handle for increased convenience along with the same amazing features of the Pro V1; such as full colour screen, new hall sensor gimbals, internal multi-protocol radio module and external JR module bay for use with an external TBS Crossfire module. Jumper T16 is...

Jumper T18 Pro Carbon Faceplate (ALPS RDC90 Gimbals)


The Jumper T18 Pro version comes with the super smooth ALPS RDC90 sensor gimbals offering higher precision than Hall sensors. The Jumper T18, operating on OpenTX, brings the best features of the T16 series along with an upgrade of the JP4-in-1 module into JP5-in-1 for more compatibility  The Jumper T18 has a JP5-in-1 multi-protocol module with 2.4G JP4-in-1 and 915MHZ / 868MHZ at...