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The FULLSEND 4S 450mAh HV 45C Lipo Battery comes in a very lightweight and very compact size. The long shape of this battery makes it works best on H frames and 4S whoop drones.

For FULLSEND 3S 450mAh HV 45C Lipo Battery description, click here

The Lipo will just fit into the iFlight CineBee whoop, TurboBee whoop. Using this battery will give you a significant increase in flight time as well as a bit more power over the stock battery.


Cells   4S 
Capacity  450mAh
Discharge 45C 
Nominal Voltage  15.2V
Cell Configuration 4S1P
Connection  XT30 plug
Dimension W18mm x H24mm x L57mm
Weight 48.6g


TR Tip : Avoid storing your lipo batteries for long period in a discharged or full charged state, store in "Storage Charge" condition (3.8 to 3.85volts per cell), most charger will have this function.

Try to use battery protectors plate to protect against crushing your batteries, TPU landing gears are great but tend to be heavy. Alternatively use rubber/silicon wrist bands, strap it lengthwise on the battery edge, this provides some protection against denting the battery edges, especially with underslung mounted batteries.