Specifically designed for mounting of VTx antenna pigtail on the Katak Stretch SE and TRP V2. This antenna connector holder keeps your antenna secure and in optimal position, reducing the risk of expensive antenna damage from props hits


Material TPU


Tilt angle adjustable, orientation can be either way.
Weight 3g



  • Depending on the VTx model and mount location, determine the orientation of the holder and angle of the antenna making sure that the pigtail had sufficient length and not unduly strained at the crimps. 
  • Remove the rear standoff from your KATAK/TRP V2 frame and insert the standoff into the mount
  • Mount the pigtail on the holder by inserting the pigtail coaxial cable through the slit 
  • Remount the parts, adjust the angle of the antenna and tighten the end screws. double check all connections are secure and test before flying
  • For pigtails where the SMA connector has a two-holes mounting flange, small cable ties can be used in place of screws to hold down the connector